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because finding joy doesn't come without struggle;
because the point is to find it;
because if an autistic person calls autism their way of being, not an illness, then it is;
because every human has value and is a joy;
because despite inhumane acts, I believe in humanity;
but most of all, because of my son Adam.


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The Joy is Adam

The Joy is Adam

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Positively Autistic

Tonight on CBC or visit website by clicking here to view.

This website should be up and running (with all old blog posts) in 4 weeks. Sorry it wasn't ready in time for viewers to CBC.


garydotgray said...

Just caught your piece on CBC's "The National" tonight. Very impressive.

I am a six year stroke survivor and have been researching the workings of the brain in order to regain both mental and physical loses incurred.

I feel that you are on the right track and encourage you to continue your very valuable work on behalf of people with Autism.

Adam is quite the young man.

Smiles :o)


Anonymous said...

wow... very disappointing... timing is everything :( you've lost a major opportunity and significant exposure and potential new support for autistic individuals and their families by not having this ready to go with the CBC airing tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hello Estee

As a proud Aspie/Autie person, I loved CBC's documentary about positive autism neurodiversity awareness. I especially liked your explanation about the myths about autism.

I also liked seeing Adam and other aspies/Auties featured prominently and given the opportunity to speak for themselves. Far too often I feel other people think they know me more than I know me. One thing I do know about me is that I am autistic/Aspie and absolutely Love it. I do NOT wish for a cure -- I wish for being understood.

Please continue to post penetrating articles regarding autistic rights.


Geology student
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Unknown said...

Estee, the segment on The National was excellent!

Ari Ne'eman said...

Good work, Estee. You did a wonderful job on the CBC interview.

Questions About Faith, Etc. said...

Thanks for your advocacy of autism rights. What do you think of my site?